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Five lessons over two weeks (6 hours of ‘logged time’).

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Welcome to Safe Driver Academy

Driving lessons in Sydney

The skills and behaviours you develop when you learn to drive stay with you for life – that’s why your choice of driving instructor is such an important one! At Safe Driver Academy, our mission is to support learner drivers to navigate the licensing process and become capable and confident drivers for life.

Beyond the essential skills, we’ll teach you how to remain mindful so that you can handle all driving conditions. If you’re looking for a supportive, practical, and comprehensive driving education, book your driving lessons with the Safe Driver Academy team today!

How can we help?

Here at Safe Driver Academy, we plan each lesson based on the Learner Driver Assessment to prepare you for your driving test and create an ideal environment for learning.

Safe and
Effective Driver Training

Our lessons aim to create safe, compliant drivers. We want to help you pass your test on the first go and become a safe and mindful driver for life.

30+ Years
of Driving Experience

We’re led by Ash – a highly experienced instructor with 30 years of driving experience across four countries: Australia, Japan, India, and the UK.

Tuition To Match Your Goals

We adopt a friendly and supportive approach, customising each lesson to suit the driver assessment, your skill level, and your goals.

​​​Mindfulness in
Driving Lessons

With a Certificate in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), we incorporate mindfulness techniques to help develop lifelong safe drivers.

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We offer affordable lesson packages, accredited instructors, and a comprehensive educational program. If you’re looking for a driving instructor in Sydney, look no further than Safe Driver Academy!

Become an instructor

We’re on a mission to make Australia’s roads safer – and you can help! If you’re looking to become your own boss and teach mindful driving, we can offer you complete management of your own area and ongoing support from accreditation to getting your first customer and beyond! 

The Safe Driver Academy difference

Capable driving requires so much more than knowledge of the road rules. At Safe Driver Academy, we know that the lowest-risk drivers are those who are able to remain mindful and present while behind the wheel. That’s why our driving lessons incorporate practical training that supports the development of mindful driving.

We want you to feel confident and capable as soon as you enter the car – and we help you do that by teaching you how to remain aware of your surroundings in the present moment, ready to handle whatever comes your way. At Safe Driver Academy, we offer so much more than training for your licence – we help you prepare for life!

The story of Safe Driver Academy

Meet Ash – the owner and operator of Safe Driver Academy. In 2019, he was sitting in the passenger seat as his 17-year-old daughter was learning to drive. Suddenly, their car was struck by another car travelling at 70km an hour. Completely present and aware of his surroundings, Ash utilised his 25 years of mindfulness experience to remain calm and handle the situation.

Now, Ash leads a team of qualified driving instructors who offer lessons to learner drivers across NSW. It is his aim to create a more mindful society of drivers, so the roads are safer for everybody.


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