The story behind Safe Driver Academy

Who we are

Welcome to Safe Driver Academy! We are a Sydney-based certified professional driving school offering learner driver training at all levels. Beyond helping our students obtain their licences, we hope to create low-risk drivers for life. We provide driving lessons for learner drivers and a training pathway for upcoming driving instructors. We welcome you to contribute to making Australia’s roads safer – join Safe Driver Academy today!

Our story

Safe Driver Academy was founded by Ash – a highly qualified professional driving instructor with 30 years of collective driving experience across four different countries – Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and India.

His first experience as a driving instructor was with his own family! On the 23rd of October in 2019, late in the evening, Ash sat in the passenger seat while his 17-year-old daughter was in the driver’s seat—like they had many times before. As they carried out a right turn on a green light, a car sped directly towards them at 70km an hour.

With less than milliseconds before impact, Ash was able to assess the situation and react accordingly. He placed his right hand between his daughter’s head and the steering wheel; pressed his foot firmly to the floor; secured his left hand on the dash; thought about the people in the other car; and made a mental list of who to immediately call.

Ash was able to do this because he was fully aware of his surroundings and was focused on the present moment. Ash’s 25 years of meditation practice proved that it is possible to remain calm even during the most intensely stressful situations. Thankfully, despite all parties being shaken up by the accident, no one was seriously hurt.

Out of this experience, Ash founded Safe Driver Academy. The aim of Safe Driver Academy is to integrate traditional learner driver education with mindfulness training and practical support. Ash is also currently creating an online driver program that teaches mindful driving – stay tuned for more details on how to access it! 

Our approach

There are some parts of driving that anyone can teach you – like how to interpret the road rules, hold your lane, or park with accuracy. Of course, these are at the forefront of our driving curriculum. But our mindfulness education aspect is what separates Safe Driver Academy apart.

We know that the modern-day driver must deal with dynamic and challenging conditions on a daily basis – busy traffic, road rage, and adverse weather conditions to name a few. Our goal is to teach you how to remain present and calm so you can become a low-risk, safe driver. These lessons will serve you well in your driving test as well as your entire driving career.

At Safe Driver Academy, we also equip you with the skills you need to be a competent car owner. Our lessons feature helpful information and advice on basic car maintenance so you will never find yourself stuck without help. All of these lessons combined with safety, compliance, and mindfulness are designed to make you a well-rounded, confident Australian driver. 

Certifications and Associations

  • All 100% certified professional driving instructors.
  • Service NSW compliant.
  • Partnerships with industry professionals, including Chartered Accountants and Project Managers.

Ash’s professional credentials

  • Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.
  • Certificate III Micro Business Operations.
  • Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • Certificate in MBSR – Ash has a business that focuses on Mindfulness Workshop and High-Altitude Hiking expeditions, with a key focus on an introduction to mindfulness.
  • Postgraduate in Computer Applications.
  • Certified Project Management Professional PMI ©

How can we help?

Here at Safe Driver Academy, we plan each lesson based on the Learner Driver Assessment to prepare you for your driving test and create an ideal environment for learning.

Safe and
effective driver training

Our lessons aim to create safe, compliant drivers. We want to help you pass your test on the first go and become a safe and mindful driver for life.

30+ years
of driving experience

We’re led by Ash – a highly experienced instructor with 30 years of driving experience across four countries: Australia, Japan, India, and the UK.

tuition to match your goals

We adopt a friendly and supportive approach, customising each lesson to suit the driver assessment, your skill level, and your goals.

​​​Mindfulness in
driving lessons

With a Certificate in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), we incorporate mindfulness techniques to help develop lifelong safe drivers.

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We’re on a mission to make Australia’s roads safer – and you can help! If you’re looking to become your own boss and teach mindful driving, we can offer you complete management of your own area and ongoing support from accreditation to getting your first customer and beyond!