Partner with Safe Driver Academy and operate your own business, your way.

We offer a different way
No exclusivity, no franchise fees, 100% own your area

We do not operate like a franchise – instead, we’re looking for business partners. We want you to own your territory and take the income that you earn. All we ask for in return is a small admin fee to support us to support you! You’ll benefit from our ongoing education, regular business support, marketing efforts, brand awareness, and more. Plus, if you’re not already qualified, we’ll support you through our streamlined qualification process.

Step one: Connect with us

Support for becoming a Driving Instructor

Safe Driver Academy is proud to offer a driving instructor pathway that accelerates the instructor accreditation process. In a matter of months, you could operate your own business as a Safe Driver Academy instructor with autonomy over your allocated area in NSW. We’ll provide full guidance and support as you complete all steps required to get your official driving instructor accreditation and Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.

Unlike other driving schools that take up to 50% of your rate, we think you should keep what you have earned. We do not operate as a franchise – instead, we are helping you set up your own business.  

Step two: Level up

The journey to becoming a driving instructor is usually long and complex. But with our support and proven system, you can become a qualified instructor sooner than you might think.

Here’s how we can help you:

Accreditation Guidance

We’ll support you to get your driving instructor accreditation faster, guiding you through the process to obtain all necessary steps to gain accreditation. This includes training you to acquire your Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.

Detailed Training

Your journey with Safe Driver Academy involves several tests and assessments. With our detailed training, you’ll be well prepared for all instructor tests and requirements – informed with the latest industry knowledge. Once you’re qualified, you’ll feel confident teaching students on the road!

Step three: Get ongoing support

Business and Operations

Your driving instructor business is exactly that – a business! So, we offer business and operations support so that you can thrive from the beginning. This includes:

  • Registration and Compliance: We’ll help you set up your business properly so that you are 100% compliant with all local and federal business and tax requirements.
  • Chartered Accountant: You’ll get a free consultation with a Chartered Accountant to ensure your financial operations are in order from the start. This will save you time, money, and stress in the long run!
  • Project Management: As an experienced project manager, founder and owner of SDA, Ash, will provide invaluable guidance to help you operate your business.
  • End to End Support: We’re here to help you become a leading driving instructor in your area. That’s why we provide detailed support while you get your accreditation and throughout your entire career. You’ll join a network of dedicated driving instructors and constantly be informed of the latest industry news and advice.

Step four: Teach safety, not just compliance

Safe for life

At Safe Driver Academy, we want drivers to be safe for life! That’s why we incorporate mindfulness practice into our lessons. As an SDA instructor, you will also be able to teach these skills that significantly benefit your students.

You’re contributing to the long-term safety of your students and the safety of the Australian roads.

Our mission at Safe Driver Academy is to support the next generation of drivers in Sydney to be safe and mindful on our roads. We are currently welcoming existing and future driving instructors to partner with Safe Driver Academy and support our mission. 

Why Safe Driver Academy?

Earn more

We want you to keep your earnings, not give them to your driving school. Ask about our competitive rates.

Own your area

Once you’ve gained your accreditation, your area becomes yours exclusively – meaning more work and an opportunity to grow your local presence.

Earn your Cert IV

We’ll help you gain your Certificate IV In Transport and Logistics as part of our program – meaning you’ll be qualified and highly knowledgeable.

Advertising & Marketing

At Safe Driver Academy, we know how important it is for you to focus on customer success. It requires vision, investment and time. We’ll continue to grow the brand, purpose and culture as one. Ask about our next 5 year plan.



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