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School Drop Off Lesson Package

Build your hours and confidence on your morning school run! Only $200 for 5 school trips over two weeks – plus, add 7 hours of logged time.

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Safer, Smarter drivers, for life long.

What to expect during your
driving lesson

Our driving lessons are unique because we focus on life, not just getting your license! Our lessons are designed to support you in real-life driving conditions, focusing on driving skills, compliance, and problem-solving. During a Safe Driver Academy driving lesson, you can always expect:


Learner Lessons

You’ll learn exactly what you need to know for your learner driver test.


Accredited Instructors

All of our amazing instructors are qualified Service NSW Licensed Driving Instructors who hold a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.


Dual Control Vehicle

Get peace of mind as you take your lesson in one of our fully equipped dual control vehicles.


Personalised Tuition

A tailored approach based on your experience and needs.


Practical Mindfulness Training

Beyond driving skills, we’ll support you to become a confident and aware driver with simple mindfulness training.

How can we help?

Here at Safe Driver Academy, we plan each lesson based on the Learner Driver Assessment to prepare you for your driving test and create an ideal environment for learning.

Safe and
Effective Driver Training

Our lessons aim to create safe, compliant drivers. We want to help you pass your test on the first go and become a safe and mindful driver for life.

30+ Years
of Driving Experience

We’re led by Ash – a highly experienced instructor with 30 years of driving experience across four countries: Australia, Japan, India, and the UK.

Tuition To Match Your Goals

We adopt a friendly and supportive approach, customising each lesson to suit the driver assessment, your skill level, and your goals.

​​​Mindfulness in
Driving Lessons

With a Certificate in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), we incorporate mindfulness techniques to help develop lifelong safe drivers.

Why Safe Driver Academy? 

Prepare for P

Our lessons are carefully focused on the logbook learner lessons, so you feel confident before your license test. If you opt for our 20 Hour Program, you’ll be guided through all 20 lessons!

Prepare for Life

Beyond your license test, we want you to be a safe driver for life. Our unique integration of mindfulness training and practical skills will help you develop confidence for a low-risk driving life!

20 Hour SDA Comprehensive Learner Program

Our Comprehensive Driving Course

$ 1250*​


Our 5-week SDA Learner Program incorporates training for all 20 logbook lessons, so you feel confident and capable of going into your licence test. Beyond these core lessons, we’ll also help you become a low-risk driver for life with our exclusive mindfulness training. While the lessons are typically completed over five weeks, you’ll have complete control over the lesson duration and can take 1, 1.5 or 3- hour lessons.  Don’t miss out on this discounted package – the most comprehensive driving education for any learner driver!

What you’ll learn:
  • Building Foundations
  • Low Risk Driving Techniques
  • Building Experience
  • Simple Traffic
  • Preparing for Your Driving Test
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Complex Traffic
  • Parking

Frequently Asked Questions    

How many driving lessons does the average person need?

The average learner requires about 20 hours of professional instruction to be adequately prepared for their driving test. This is in addition to the supervised hours tracked in your logbook.

Are driving lessons worth it?

Driving lessons not only contribute to your ability to pass your driving test, but they also help make you a safer driver in the long run. An instructor can offer much more specialised advice than someone helping out, and they can give you tips and tricks for your licence test!

I’ve never driven before. Can I have a driving lesson?

Yes. If it’s your first time driving, we’ll plan a customised lesson to introduce you to the road! Don’t worry – we’ll make the experience educational, supportive, and stress-free. We’ll show you what you need to know and help you start your driving journey with confidence! 

How much do driving lessons cost in Sydney?

The cost of driving lessons ranges depending on the duration of the lesson and the qualifications of your instructor. Typically, you can expect to pay between $60 and $90 an hour for a driving lesson in Sydney.

How do I choose a driving instructor?

There are several things to consider when selecting a driving instructor, including:

–           Their qualifications and accreditations.

–           Their customer reviews.

–           Their lesson plan and structure.

–           Any unique offerings (like our integration of mindfulness training!).

How do I record driving lessons in my logbook?

For every 1 hour of a driving lesson, you can record 3 hours in your logbook. Please note you can only claim up to a maximum of 10 hours of lessons as 30 hours of driving in your logbook.

Do you teach mature-age learner drivers?

Yes! We teach people new to driving at an older age or who have recently moved to Australia.

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